We design with light thanks to a high level of experience in the field

We have been involved in lighting theaters, architectural structures, indoor and outdoor spaces, swimming pools and fountains. Our experience in the industry makes us capable of shaping light with precision. Lighting industrial environments requires technique and knowledge of standards to make the work space safe and efficient.

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Manufacturers since 1978

The experience gained in 40 years of business allows the company to best interpret the customer's need by providing 100% made in Italy solutions.

01 Custom


The presence of cutting-edge technologies (laser cutting machines) ensures great design flexibility and consequently the construction of custom-built products.

02 Support


The company is able to indicate which products are best suited to specific applications by providing all the necessary documentation for a correct purchase.Thanks to its technical department

03 R&D


The development of new products and the ongoing search for innovative materials to provide the best solutions to national and international markets.

04 Experience


Teclumen has been present in the lighting sector since 1978. The effectiveness of Teclumen's production and commercial policy has enabled the company to play a lead role on the international lighting scene.

05 Quality


Teclumen performs all major production phases within the company and is able to develop products that meet the needs of the market